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I am attaching a document that I need help with the following questions

1. DIVIDE the 100 listing prices into 10 samples of n=10 each. Each of you ten samples will tend to be random if the first sample includes houses 1 through 10 on your spreadsheet, the second sample consists of houses 11-20 and so on: compute the mean of each of the 10 samples and list them

2. compute the mean of those 10 means

3. Compute the standard deviation of those 10 means and compare the standard deviation of the 10 means to the population standard deviation of all 100 listing prices and explain why it is higher or lower than the population standard deviation

4. Explain how much more or less the standard deviation of sample means was than the population standard deviation.  According to the formulafor standard deviation of sample means, it should be far less.  Does your computed amount agree with the formula?


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