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Each employer faces competitive weekly wages of $2,000 for whites and $1,400 for blacks. Supposeemployers under-value the efforts/skills of blacks in the production process. In particular, every firmis associated with a discrimination coefficient, d where 0 ? d ? 1. In particular, although a firm’sactual production function is Q = 10(EW + EB), the firm manager acts as if its production function is Q= 10EW + 10(1 – d)EB. Every firm sells its output at a constant price of $240 per unit up to a weeklytotal of 150 units of output. No firm can sell more than 150 units of output without reducing its priceto $0.(a) What is the (true) value of the marginal product of each white worker?(b) What is the (true) value of the marginal product of each black worker?(c) Describe the employment decision made by firms for which d = 0.2 and d = 0.8 respectively.(d) For what value(s) of d is a firm willing to hire blacks and whites?


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