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The Head and Shoulders Aloe Vera X already does both the “cleaning” job of a shampoo and “reinvigorating” part of the conditioner. On a study conducted by Procter and Gamble laboratory, the respondents of 500 people are divided into user of Head and Shoulders Aloe Vera X and the other half into user of both shampoo and conditioner separately.

Study showed that there is no difference between the two sets of users in terms of the degree of hair cleanliness, hair vibrancy and overall health of the scalp. The study concludes that using Head and Shoulders Aloe Vera X and a separate shampoo and conditioner has the same effect.

The consumers will tremendously benefit from this feature of Head and Shoulders Aloe Vera X because they no longer have to spend longer time in the shower, saving not only the cost of conditioner but also the time spent for an extended


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