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The management team of a soccer stadium wants to estimate the average amount (in Rand) spent on snacks and cool drinks per spectator. It is known that the amount (in Rand) is normally distributed. A random sample of 40 spectators was selected and the sample mean is R37.93 and the sample standard deviation is R7.

Calculate a 95% confidence interval estimate of the actual average amount spent by a spectator and interpret the results.

2. The age of 10 randomly selected soccer supporters is given

below: 55 58 60 62 68 22 23 40 28 42

Given: s =17.13

Test at a 5% level of significance if the average age of a soccer supporter is

greater than 50.

Write down the null and alternative hypotheses.

Calculate the test statistic

Determine the rejection region.

Make a decision and draw a conclusion.


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