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Think carefully about what this quote might infer about the character and choose the most appropriate answer in the context of the play “An Enemy of The People”.

“At all events I assure you I don’t waste money unprofitably. But I can’t find it in my heart to deny myself the pleasure of entertaining my friends. I need that sort of thing,you know. I have lived for so long shut out of it all, that it is a necessity of life to me to mix with young, eager, ambitious men, men of liberal and active minds;:”(Dr. Stockman)

A. Dr. Stockman is only concerned about having a good time and not about the welfare of the people

B. Dr. Stockman is a man that needs people around him who approve of and love him

C. Dr. Stockman is essentially a hermit at heart but must entertain people he is to be accepted in the community

D. Dr. Stockman wants eager minds around him so they can do his work for him


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