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George Clausen (age 48) is employed by Kline Company and is paid a salary of $42,640. He has just decided to join the company’s Simple Retirement Account (IRA form) and has a few questions. Answer the following for Clausen:

a.  What is the maximum that he can contribute into this retirement fund?

$ ?

b.  What would be the company’s contribution? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

$ 1,279.20

c.  What would be his weekly take-home if he contributes the maximum allowed retirement contribution (married, 2 allowances, wage-bracket method, and a 2.3% state income tax on total wages)? Round your calculations and answer to the nearest cent. Click here to access the Wage-Bracket Method Tables.

$ ?

d.  What would be his weekly take-home pay without the retirement contribution deduction? Round your calculations and answer to the nearest cent.

$ ?


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