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define the U.S. Healthcare system by addressing the following:

-describe the history of the U.S health care system (include three revolutionary factors (e.g teachers union in Dallas, TX; The American Medical Association, Civil War, First Marine Hospital) 

-identify at least one major development from each of the following: financia, legal, ethical, regulatory, and social (e.g consumer demand) that transformed the system into what it is today. 

-differentiate the stakeholders and their roles (e.g healthcare professional, clients (patients), health insurance organization, government, college, and health care agencie. (Include positive and negative contributions of how they affect health care syste. 

Be 5-7 slides (excludes title and reference slides) and be formatted according to APA style.  Use speaker notes in the PPT. (Slides will have short billeted items and speaker notes more detailed). 


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