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Question:Be sure to clearly identify the variable (with a description of what it represents), show the initial equation, and explain your solution and final response. Must change to your own numbers.

  1. Examp.:
  2. Spring Cleaning! A carpet cleaning service charges a flat fee of $30.00 and a per room fee of $25.00. If my bill was $180 before taxes, how many rooms did I have cleaned?
  3. I am being asked to find the number of rooms that were cleaned.
  4. Let r = the number of rooms being cleaned.
  5. If r is the number of rooms being cleaned, then $25.00r would be the cost of cleaning r rooms.
  6. Flat fee + cost of cleaning r rooms = total bill                                     
  7.  $30 + $25r = $180, Now solve the equation, 30 + 25r = 180, r = 180 – 30, 25r =150, r = 6

Since r is the number of rooms that were cleaned, you know that I had 6 rooms cleaned.


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