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  • Constitutional law seminal cases of Cady v. Dombrowski, 413 U.S. 433 (1973) and United States v. Leon, 468 U.S. 897 (1984) served to modify and to clarify the original Court considerations of the limits and scope of the exclusionary rule. Take an advocacy position which argues that these exceptions dilute the original exclusionary rule to the point that it is ineffective. Your discussion should include a thoughtful discussion of the Court’s original purpose for creating the rule and then a sympathetic analysis of the impact this rule (and its modifications) has had on the ability of law enforcement to actively promote public safety. Include in your discussion your analysis of how this rule has altered the course of police investigations. Finally, state whether you support the current state of the exclusionary rule or whether you would prefer a more liberal reading which would allow greater police discretion.


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