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When we have to make a big decision, there are moments when it feels like our heart may rule all and we make decisions based upon an emotional response.  However there may be other decisions, where emotion did not play any role and it was a logical decision based on a set of well-reasoned facts.  What do you prefer?  Do you generally use logic and reason when you make decisions?  Do you rely on your emotion, intuition or “gut”?  

In your discussion post share a moment when you either used emotion to make a decision OR you used logic.  What was the decision and why do you think you acted that way?  How does that connect with what we learn about thinking and problem solving in Chapter 8?  

Also, you may find this article from the Harvard Business Review as an interesting reference related to this topic.  Morse, G. (2006).  Decisions and desire.  Harvard Business Review.  Click here to view the article.


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