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You are a famous child development expert with specialties in the topics we’ve just covered in Weeks #1-4. You have been contacted by Parenting Magazine to write a research-based article on one of the following controversial parenting practices:

-co-sleeping-the use of a child leash-corporal punishment of the pre-teen child-use of electronic devices for toddlers and young children

Write as you would for a popular press magazine (refer to the writing workshop for hints about voice). Your piece must be a minimum of 800 words. You must use the course readings, citing and referencing them in correct APA style. Note the word count at the bottom of the page before the References.

Running head: PARENTING TODAY 1 PARENTING TODAYStudent nameCourse nameSep 18, 2016 PARENTING TODAY 2Parenting Today Electronic media use and sleep in school-aged children and adolescents…


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