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1-in 1972, the epa banned the pesticide ddt. how would you classify this approach to reducing the environmental contamination caused by DDT?

a) a marketable permit system

b) a cap-and-trade system

c) carbon tax

d) command-and-control regulation

2- one of the characteristics of a carbon tax is that it would

a)encourage energy consumers to invest in energy efficiency

b)place the heaviest burden on high-income families

c)tend to encourage more usage of cheaper fuels like coal and less usage of expensive energy sources like nuclear energy

d)have little effect on the emission of greenhouse gases

3-because a carbon tax is regressive, some economics propose to use the proceeds of a carbon tax to offset other taxes that

a) are progressive

b) can, in turn, offset the carbon tax

c) are even more regressive

d) also attempt to mitigate global change


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