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For the assignment this week, view the following videos, making note of the statistics that are shared: https://   

  • https://
  • https://  videos will provide statistics related to the growth of the food  service industry and its influence. The videos also convey that  we are much more than just chefs, service staff, and operations managers.   The statistics are indicative of the trends affected by the economy and  growing the industry to meet the needs of the hungry public. 

    1) Reflect on at least two elements that you either did not know or was affirmed within a video.2) Has your view of our industry changed after watching the videos?3) Using table 1.1 from the textbook, isolate a specific challenge and  discuss how it has impacted the food service industry over the last few  years. 

    Minimum 600 words, 2 APA reference including the video. Absolutely No PLAGIARISM. DUE 7/14/18 AT 12PM NY EST TIME.


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