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ESSAY QUESTION. Design a study to longitudinally examine the impact of prenatal stress on infant behavior.   

                   Your answer should include the following six points:             

  1) A rationale for why this study is important using current views on gene-­? environment interactions – use sources to back up your claim      

2) A hypothesis based that fits with the research base       

3) Description of your sample and how will you recruit them       

4) Define and explain your variables –predictor(s) and criterion – Should follow from #1 and #2.                    

 5) Data collection method with a justification for why this method is valid.             

 6) What are some possible conclusions based on what you proposed in #1 thru #5                          

   (One to two paragraphs for each point –totaling about 2 to 3 pages using double-spaced 12-point-font


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