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In this assignment, you will work in the “Module 04 Course Project Data File” download (below) where you will apply your knowledge about design color, composition, and arrangement.

  • File: Module 04 Course Project Data File

The “Module 04 Course Project Instructions” file download (below) provides detailed instructions accompanied by relevant screenshots. In addition, the video below was created to demonstrate the process.

  • File: Module 04 Course Project Instructions

Video: How to Color and Rearrange Objects in Microsoft Word

Please combine the items listed below into a .zip file before submitting to the drop box. For help with zipping or compressing your files, visit the Rasmussen College Library Answers page for Q. How do you zip files?.

  1. Part 1 Color Scheme 1.docx
  2. Part 1 Color Scheme 2.docx
  3. Part 1 Color Scheme 3.docx
  4. Part 2.docx


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