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Compose a 250 words essay on Race and ethnicity for the future. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Since immigration is at its highest at this very moment, I fear for the worst in this cadre since it would be out of hands by 2050. Something needs to be done, and that too in a quick way to achieve progress and sanctity within the related ranks (Critzer 2000). I am sure that the country will prepare in the best manner possible if it educates the society to understand all the people,

and have tolerance for different communities and races within the domains of the United States of America. Racial and ethnicity issues can be taken care of if we have a concerted effort within our ranks, and if there is a mission to achieve unity amongst the masses. This indeed will bear rich fruit for the sake of the country by 2050. Racial and ethnic disparities need to be taken care of so that sanity could prevail in the coming times within


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