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 Suppose that you are provided with a dataset of anonymous credit card transaction data with the following attributes: • credit-card-vendor • credit-card-type • credit-card-cashback-amount • transaction-type-code • transaction-type-code-description • transaction-amount • transaction-date • transaction-country-of-origin • card-holder-name • card-holder-ssn • card-holder-country • card-holder-credit-utilization-after-transaction Consider the transaction-amount and card-holder-credit-utilization-after-transaction attributes to be the values of analytic interest. Define two fact tables, for the transaction-amount and credit-utilization, and at least three dimension tables. Provide both a logical and a physical model. Once this is done, state the base and apex cuboids based on each fact table, as well as three additional cuboids. Specify queries that would create these cuboids based on the physical schema defined in the first part.


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