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Gliner has developed a multiple-choice test called, “I want to get into grad school real bad” to make the selection process easier. (Also, if enough other schools are interested, he might make some money.) He wants to determine evidence for reliability. In three pages:

  1. Describe at least three methods that he could use to assess reliability.
  2. How is reliability different from validity?
  3. After studies on reliability have been performed, Gliner concludes that the test is reliable. What, if anything, is wrong with this conclusion?

B. Post a description of the dependent variable(s) you will use in your proposed project. (SEE ATTACHMENT) Describe the four levels of measurement proposed by the authors of your textbook (nominal, dichotomous, ordinal, normal), and indentify which level(s) apply to your dependent variables. Explain why is it important to know the level of measurement for your data.


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