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I have 2 seperate request. 

1 – Question: Would the unification of Germany have been possible without the influence of Otto von Bismarck? Why, or why not? 

2 – 2 Page Essay assignment – Identify what you consider to be the 3 most significant political changes in the century preceding the start of World War 1. To support, you will need to highlight a minimum of 2 major western nations and 2 colonies during this period. In addition to outlining the changes, your descriptions should include details related to economics and the rising political conflicts associated with imperialism, politics, and society. **(2 page min. Details attached. Please read the details and confirm understanding of assignment requirments prior to placing bid. I have attached a word document with the essay topic/requirements as well as 2 sources from the online library to cite. I can get more sources if these do not meet the needs.)

Thank you


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