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Need an argumentative essay on Hiring a Retail Store Manager. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

d to have at least a Graduate degree within the Retail Management realms so that he has a fair enough idea of how things work within the aegis of a retail store. His experience will come in handy if he has already worked at an outlet in the past (Ward 2002). In essence, this experience will give the retail store manager an added advantage over his compatriots and would allow him to understand the nuances of running a retail store more properly than the ones who do not have the required experience.

Hiring a retail store manager requires apt and skill which must be shown by the hiring team as this embodies the very basis of success for the retail store in the long run (Thomas 1993). It would also mean that the retail store manager is the sole person responsible for the amount of time that he is in charge of the retail


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