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Using at least two peer-reviewed academic journal articles (dated no earlier than 2012) and what you learned in this class, answer the first two questions. The last two questions will come from your own experiences and opinions. It is anticipated that it will take at least 750 words to adequately explain and defend your answers.

  1. What value is there in the work of a Family Life Educator?
  2. How could people in this field improve the lives of children and families?
  3. Do you have plans to work in the field of Family Life Education?

Two peer reviewed academic journal articles  used (no earlier than 2012)

Report uses at least 750 words

Critical thinking is evident; topic is fully and richly covered.

No more than two errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling

NOTE: DO NOT use direct quotes on this assignment.  I need to assess what you learned, not what someone else wrote.


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