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Dead Birds(1964)

1. “Does the film make the audience more sympathetic or less sympathetic toward the culture?” 2. “How effectively does the film balance wide shots, which show people in context, with close-ups, which show details of faces and processes?” 3. “Does the film show complete the acts-beginning, climax, and end- or does it just cut in and out of peak moments?” 4. “Films are composed of visuals, but often have a verbal component: either a narrated text spoken by unseen narrators or by participants, or some type of dialog. How visual was this film? How verbal was it? What conveyed the culture better, the visual or the verbal component? Were the visual and the verbal complementary, contradictory, or unconnected?” 5. “Given that any film involves a tremendous amount of selection in shooting and then in editing, how much distortion can you see in the film, and to what extent does it affect the ethnographic integrity of the film?”


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