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APA Format 500+ words and Citation/Reference requirements: include at least two high quality references and show citations per APA standard.

Show working knowledge of PoswerShell Scripts

(1) Write 10 PoswerShell Scripts to support Operating System functions ….- make sure all scripts are useful to Operating Systems functionality

(2) Demonstrate working knowledge of each script – Each script should include 5+ commands/lines of code (be sure to include explanations for each command, then the script).

Please know screen print alone is not enough to demonstrate your working knowledge (the know-how). Please consider to explain how these scripts are useful.

(3) Submission Requirements – (a) Screen Print – showing the result of each script. (b) Detail explanations of each script (what it does, how it works, …). (c) Script source code 

(4) Please make sure to include references used to complete this assignment.


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