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LRC Project Part 4  (150 points)- Submit your Final LRC Project.  Due Week 9

NOTE:  This LRC Project is worth a total of 200 points (20%) of your overall grade. 

Special Instructions:

You may choose one out of three formats for your assignment:

  • Research paper: (This should consist of a Title page, 4 to 6 double spaced pages, and a Reference page)
  • Slide Presentation (Prezi or MS Power Point): (This should consist of a Title slide, 4 to 6 slides of material, a Reference slide, detailed speaker’s notes in the note section and colorful clip art or photos that represent your case).
  • Short Video: (This should consist of 10 to 15 minute visual presentation that introduces you, your material, and the questions listed above)

Be sure to use APA formatting and cite all your references, regardless of the final format you choose. 


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