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Cultivating Capabilities to Innovate: Booz, Allen, & Hamilton. HBS # 5-698078. Study Questions: Case: Cultivating capabilities to innovate: Booz, Allen, & Hamilton 1. Evans & Wurster assert that Information Technology might enable some to escape the historical trade-off between richness and reach. Does this apply to the consulting industry? 2. Is there a preferred generic strategy in the consulting industry? How would you describe this position? What organizational capabilities are necessary to successfully implement this strategy? 3. What is your assessment of the methods Booz*Allen has employed to capture and deploy the learning and innovations developed by prior teams? Are there other ways of accomplishing this? 4. Does Booz*Allen need to worry about campaign selling? Do they need to worry about not being perceived as the market leader in new service offerings? 5. What would you recommend that Dickie and Varasano do?


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