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Exercise 2. Based on your evaluation of the virtual field trip found in the lab, evaluate the nature of the apparent pollutants in the small stream contained in the field trip. Write a one page explanation of your results and the logic and steps you used to come to your conclusions. (Use your answers to letters D, E, F, and G above, to help describe the processes.)Exercise 3. Water Contamination Lab InvestigationA. Predict what contaminants you might find in the Lake Michigan beach sites numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the picture above. Enter your results into Table 1 below.B. Open the detailed results for each site by clicking on the appropriate button (Site One, Two, Three or Four above) and compare that site to the Lake Michigan Standard that is shown on the left. Fill in Table 2 with your answers.Table 1. Predicted versus Actual Contaminants at various Lake Michigan beach sites.Site Predicted Contaminants Actual ContaminantsOne Two Three Four


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