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WebQuest Design Project Step 3 FINAL

Step 3- Evaluation, Conclusion, Teacher Page, Final Template

1. Develop a rubricfor assessing the final product. Make sure the rubric delineates specific criteria that the final product must meet as well as descriptions of the different levels of quality. Complete  the Evaluation tab of the WebQuest on the Zunal Website.

2. Write a  conclusion that summarizes what learners were to have accomplished and include any extension activities. Complete the Conclusion tab of the WebQueston the Zunal Website.

3. This section includes information for other teacher who may want to use your WebQuest.  It should include content standards addressed, credits and other resources that would help a teacher utilize the Webquest. Complete the Teacher Page tab of the WebQuest on the Zunal  Website.

Instructions provided along with original Webquest document.


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