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7. Please give the reason why it is difficult to produce the new phase?

8 Please choose (multiple selection) the basic hypothesis for Langmuir adsorption theory.

a. singer molecular layer adsorption

b. the uniformity of the solid surface

c. no molecular interaction adsorbed on the solid surface

d. adsorption is a dynamic equilibrium

9. The surfactants have two types___________ and __________, and the practical application includes _______ and _______ .

10. What is the meaning of CMC?

11. The particles of the dispersed phase in Colloid have a specific size, _______ m.

12. Please write out the two phases for the system below, respectively

a. Aerosol

b. Sols

c. Emulsion

d. Foam

13. What stops colloidal particles joining together and settling out?

14. Please give two methods to make Colloid.

15. Please write out the four electrokinetic phenomena.


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