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APA format, list references and inclue in-text citations please. 350 due tomorrow , Satueday, May 26, 2018.

Criminological Theory

Page 4 of your text states:

“Some criminologists insist that the field of criminology must include behaviors that go beyond those defined as crimes through the political process; not doing so, they say, restricts rather than encourages inquiry into relevant forms of human behavior.”

Note from my instructor;

this is a criminological theory class so I want you to leave your job behind  if you and think in terms of theories.  I love reading posts that start with “My decades in law enforcement….” but that will not be the right approach for this class. We will overlay theory on practice- but let’s start with the theories so that we can see things with fresh eyes and come away from this class with a broader view.

Comment on this statement- thinking like a criminologist.


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