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Essay topic assignment:  Read and summarize the   following NIST SP 1800s.   A paragraph on each assigned  guide. 

 1. SP 1800-11  Data Integrity: Recovering from  Ransomware    

2. SP 1800-8  Securing Wireless Infusion Pumps in Healthcare  Delivery Organizationsand Other Destructive Events.    

3. SP 1800-7 Situational Awareness for Electric Utilities   

4. SP 1800-4b Mobile Device Security: Cloud and Hybrid Builds   

5. SP 1800-1b  Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile  Devices  

6. SP 1800-2b Identity and Access Management for Electric  Utilities 

Student written reports are in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format only 12 Arial font sizes in 1200 words single space between lines; 1-inch borders; Header contains your name, class title, session, and instructor; footer contains page number and due date. Other formats will be considered as a “non-submission” and you will receive a “0” for the grade 


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