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Need an argumentative essay on Where have all the cod gone. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

the successful commercial fishery industry that supply cod for human consumption and the liver of the cod is used to make cod liver oil used as a supplement for vitamins. (Assessment and Update Report on Gadus Morhua (Atlantic Cod), 2003. However, greed from over fishing led to the rapid decline in cod population and left many with huge financial burdens.

The chosen topic is very interesting and serves to create awareness in the common man. Many of the points were enlightening as it gave us details on how cod fishing used to be and presently how it has declined. The regulations that were put in place after the cod population dwindled drastically were not successful. I feel that if fishing interventions are put in place and good legislation introduced, then there are chances that the Atlantic cod fishing industry could be revived once


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