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Hi. Please do analyse a speech on Donald Trump NYC speech on stakes of the election which is found on this website: http:// would like if you could analyse the transcript in detail on how does Trump uses textual bias which influences the audience (media) by his persuasiveness stating the stylistic/rhetorical devices present in the transcript and the effect, the tone, the mood, the atmosphere.

In the introduction, I would like if you could state what textual bias is in general and how it is used in political campaigns and etc.

I would like if you could show how mass media use language to inform, persuade and entertain by basing yourself on this transcript but also making references in general.

For textual bias in the transcript, do refer to political campaigning, propaganda techniques and the language of persuasion.

I would like if you could write it in a speech format. Please do reference your resources used and thank you!


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