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My Homemade Homework example. Note: … I didn’t like any of the homework examples there, so I put one together to understand objects, properties, and methods (i.e., OOD!)

Walk back a Polymorphic example from a Blue EXPO Dry Erase Marker. The last object you should derive is a Product tself. If it’s easier for you to develop inheritance from the product to the marker, then do it. In a nutshell, I’m looking for something that is similar to figure 8.4 (page 285).which is A (Example of Redefinition and Inheritance Conflict)

1. What are the possible inherited objects along that path?

2. What are the properties and methods for each of these objects?

Note: Draw it up like the diagram on page 285. Make sure you add the properties as well. For example, for the Marker, the “blue” represents something, and the “Dry Erase” represents something

As directed before, use PowerPoint to draw it, then insert an image of it to Ms Word.


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