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I am unable to post the URL since the link online automatically opens up a PDF, but imputing the below statement into google should make it appear. Please assist me in figuring out the questions posted in the the screenshot below:

“Dear Stockholders and Associates,

This year, we focused our efforts on coming together to work toward a common goal — One Publix, One Purpose. This is the theme we used for our retail operations conference, where we bring our store managers together to talk about our top focus areas and what they can do to help Publix be successful. Being One Publix, united as owners, with One Purpose, to be servant leaders, is part of what we believe in.

Coming together to meet the needs of our associates, our customers and the communities we serve is critical to our success today and in the future. The focus of my letter this year is to show you how we’re doing just that.

2017 summarized.”



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