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I have been tasked with writing each of the following sentences to reflect a nonbiased language style:

a. Each officer has given his approval to the plan.

b. Either a man or a girl will be accepted for the position, but his or her application must be

filed today.

c. Each person in the machine shop must supply his own tools.

d. Every member is expected to do his duty.

e. No subscriber should permit his telephone to be used by outsiders.

f. What can a person doafter he is unjustly accused of such a terrible crime?

g. A good education enables a child to realize his potential.

h. A nurse caring for a celebrity must not disclose any information about her patient.

i. When someone is traveling abroad, he should learn to say “thank you,” “please,” “hello,”

and “goodbye” in the language of the country.

j. When a receptionist resigns, she should give at least two weeks’ notice.


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