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Oliver, a student at Well Known University, has bad manners and a bad temper. One day Susie, another student, accidentally bumped him in the hall. Oliver completely lost his temper and hit Susie in the back as she walked away. Susie did not see Oliver hit her, but several witnesses confirm that he did so. Susie reported Oliver to the school administrator. The school administrator threatened to expel Oliver. That infuriated Oliver. Oliver began making threatening phone calls to Susie at all hours of the night insulting her and making outrageous statements regarding her appearance and character. Oliver also wrote an editorial in the school newspaper to the effect that Susie told lies. Finally Oliver sued Susie for assault and battery. Susie counterclaimed for assault, battery, the intentional infliction of emotional distress, slander, and libel. What claims are viable and why? (Note–assume that both Oliver and Susie are over the age of eighteen)(3 points)


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