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You’re a relatively new hire to a Marketing firm fresh out of Kean University. You have become very familiar with the company’s products, catalog, demographics, competition analysis, etc. New product launch data comes to your Marketing group via a shared drive from the office of the VP of New Product Development. You are the first to go though it. You don’t believe the data appears to be correct. 

Using the “Thinking Like A Scientist” 10 tips noted in the author’s article (via the url below) regarding “baloney detection”, which approach to communication would you use in discussing what you believe to be a misrepresentation of this data with your peer Marketeers, prior to communicating back to the VP of New Product Development’s office? The key here is validation.

This is a critical thinking, writing exercise. Recommend to read the author’s article first with careful attention placed on these 10 “communication recommendations”. 



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