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   Daikin, Possner and Zoe are discussing what it means to say that people respond to incentives. Here is an excerpt from their conversation.

Daikin: It means that people are required to behave in a cooperative fashion so that the citizens of a nation can coexist peacefully.

Possner: It means that people act in ways that society approves. No rational person will do business with immoral characters.

Zoe: It means that people undertake certain actions if they know that doing so will result in some form of material reward that they will not otherwise receive.

Whose view accords with the economic way of thinking?

Select one:

a. Zoe’s view is the only one that exhibits the economic way of thinking

b. All three of their views exhibit the economic way of thinking

c. Possner’s view is the only one that exhibits the economic way of thinking

d. Only the views of Daikin and Zoe exhibit the economic way of thinking


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