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Which of the following would remain a source of diversity in a species that did not produce recombinant offspring?

a. Independent orientation

b. Crossing over

c. Independent assortment

d. a. and b.

e. a. and c.

What would be the effect if germ cells were formed by mitosis?

a. The zygote formed would be haploid

b. The zygote formed would be triploid

c. The zygote formed would be polyploid

d. The zygote formed would exhibit monosomy

e. None of the above

The toxin rotenone blocks electrons from entering the electron transport chain during oxidative phosphorylation. Over the long term, what might be the effect of this toxin on cellular respiration?

a. Significantly less ATP will be synthesized

b. Glycolysis will not be possible unless the cell is capable of fermentation

c. The citric acid cycle will not continue

d. a. and b.

e. All of the above


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