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An article about polls claimed that people tend to give ‘acceptable’ rather than honest responses depending on the interviewer’s gender or race. In response to this claim, data were provided for an Eagleton Institute poll in which surveyed men were asked if they agreed with the statement, “Abortion is a private matter that should be left to the woman to decide without government intervention.” Given the following SAS output, you need to test the claim that the proportions of agree/disagree responses are the same for the subjects interviewed by males and those interviewed by females at the 0.05 significance level. It was decided in advance that male interviewers would get 800 responses and female interviewers would get 400.

What is the value of the appropriate test statistic?

FrequencySender of InterviewerExpectedcall chi – square MaleFemaleToeatMen who Agree560308868578. 67 289. 300 6023 1 80 09Men who Disagree2403221.23 910, 673728 3 486TOTAL800too1200


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