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In the September 13th, 1970 issue of the New York Times, famed economist Milton Friedman stated that the only responsibility of a business is to return a profit to its shareholders.  In the context of public health, do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Explain your answer.


Students are required to post a minimum of 3 posts spread over 3 different days. The initial post should be the answer to the main discussion question and the other secondary posts should be the students’ interactions with their peers’ posts.  Post your initial post by Wednesday of the week and the other secondary posts by Sunday midnight of the week. No discussions will take place when the week is over. 

The initial and secondary posts should be meaningful and should promote further discussion.  The number of words of the initial post should be no less than 300 and the number of words in each of the secondary posts should be no less than 100. 


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