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1. What is the central issue or conflict in the 1MDB case?

2. By focusing on the perspectives of :

i) Internal Control

ii) External Audit

discuss the role of corporate governance in relation to the issue or conflict in the 1MDB


3. Discuss the implications that the issue or conflict in the 1MDB case may have on the role

of professional accountants in Malaysia. (

For the purpose of this question, your review MUST BE accompanied with

readings/citations/reference according to the following requirements:

• Articles should come from MAINSTREAM publications, either in print or online (e.g. The

Star, New Straits Time, Auditor General’s Report).

• Articles should be no more than three month older than September 2018.

i) Answer to Question 1 – ½ page

ii) Answer to Question 2 – 1 ½ page

iii) Answer to Question 3 – 1 page


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