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  1. Review article: An Introduction to Aircraft Life-Cycle and Integrated Support Management by James C. Downing, CPL. Review the MGMT 440 Module 2 PowerPoint specifically pay attention to Life Cycle Costs (cradle to grave) or Total Ownership Cost (TOC). Respond to the following:
  2. Describe the four types of life cycle cost.
  3. Explain why we must consider the ownership cost in our planning and customer service programs.
  4. Of the four types of life cycle costs what one is the most expensive? Explain why.
  5. Pick an end product of your choice (aircraft, ship, truck, car, tank, etc.) and provide justification for your answer to number three question above.
  6. Complet a two page paper answering the above statements and include a referense page.

Running head: EXPLORATION QUERIES 1 Exploration QueriesStudent NameInstitution AffiliationDate: EXPLORATION QUERIES 2Exploration QueriesQuestion #1 The Life cycle of an item is one of the…


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