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accharomyces cerevisiae

is a species of yeast that is commonly used in food production. Under optimal environmental con-


S. cerevisiae

undergo aerobic fermentation, a by-product of which is carbon dioxide (CO


). Therefore, measuring the

production of CO


can serve as a proxy for measuring aerobic fermentation. There are many factors that can affect aerobic res-

piration, including temperature, nutrient availability, and exposure to pollutants/toxins. In this lab, you will examine the effect of

different environmental conditions on aerobic fermentation in

S. cerevisiae

. As a reference, the typical method of activating yeast

(starting aerobic fermentation) is incubating 1 tsp. of yeast in 120 mL

warm water with 1 tsp. sugar. Whatever your experimental

design, be sure to include controls, both positive and negative, and make sure it is reproducible


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