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Mid-Atlantic Specialty, Inc (Case #13, pp. 97-99 of  Work Book Gapenski, L. (2012) Healthcare Finance. 5th edition. )

For this assignment, a normal calculator will suffice, but you may use a spreadsheet to assist with calculations.

1. Compare the expected return and coefficient of variation for each of the five investment alternatives listed in Exhibit 13.1.

2. MSI is considering two investment strategies:

           a. 50 percent in Project A and 50 percent in project B (Portfolio A/B)

           b. 50 percent in Project A and 50 percent in the S&P 500 Fund (Portfolio     A/S&P)

3. Compare the risk of the two portfolios. Why does the risk differ?

No word count and due in 48 hours. For reference use the textbook  Gapenski, L. (2012) Healthcare Finance. 5th edition. 

I will post the workbook pages 97-99 in less than 24 hours. 


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