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The program I am using is called Logisim, and I am supposed to build a 4×1 multiplexor with 4 8-bit inputs and 1 8-bit input. These are the instructions for this part:

“For your calculator, you will need a 4×1 multiplexor (mux) with four 8-bit inputs and an 8-bit output. For this project, however, 4-bit inputs and a 4-bit output are sufficient. In other words, using a pair of selector bits your mux should be able to pass through a single 4-bit input as the 4-bit output. To start, you should implementing a 4×1 mux with 1-bit inputs and a 1-bit output in as a subcircuit. A 4×1 mux with 2-bit inputs can be made using a pair of 4×1 muxes with 1-bit inputs where each bit of the output is selected by a different mux. A 4×1 mux with 4-bit inputs can then similarly be made using a pair of 2-bit 4×1 muxes.”

I believe that I have built a 4×1 multiplexor with 1-bit inputs, but I cannot figure out how to connect two of these multiplexors into a 2-bit multiplexor.


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