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Hey, there is one Assignment for Ethics for Managers with 3000 words consisting of part A i.e 2500 words and part b 500 words. I request you to go through with the assignment carefully and read all the instructions and then decide if you really can do because of this the final assignment and consisting of 40 percent of marks. I have also attached my first assignment where i have mentioned about three SDG ‘s sustainable development goals i.e Hunger, Poverty and Health that you have to address in this assignment. THe company that I have selected is ‘Amway America’.  Please do not accept this without any understanding because I really want good marks in that. I didn’t score well in first assignment but still i shared this so that you can see three SDG’s that I have chosen. Kindly go through with the format which is mentioned in the assignment and also use the SDG compass. At last i need atleast 8 to 10 references not less than that in Harvard referencing style.


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