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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Critique- Elements influencing Robustness of the Research.

n a logical manner, with a short introduction followed by a problem definition, the buildings blocks needed for intervention design, the actual intervention design, intervention validation, conclusion, acknowledgements, and references. Each step in the report is explained in depth and leads on naturally to the next step.

The literature review is not all in one place but rather mentioned occasionally throughout all step of the report. The vast majority of the literature is recent (i.e. in the last decade or so). While there are mentions of many literature reviews, there are a number of occasions where van Meijel et al. (2004) is used. The conclusion sums up by stating that van Meijel et al.’s model would be useful for nurses both in practice and research to develop and test nursing interventions. A large number of the references are from primary sources such as


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