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You are a newly hired environmental manager at a small college in the United States. You are asked to write hazardous waste management plan for your facility, a Large Quality Generator (LQG). The college creates waste via chemistry laboratories, research activities, and maintenance activities. Using your textbook, the CSU Online Library, and other resources, describe the basic components of your plan and why each is needed. You are not required to write the entire plan, however, you must identify the key sections of the plan and why you would include them.

1. how you will manage hazardous waste on-site,

2. how you will address emergency response,

3. personnel training,

4. reporting and recordkeeping,

5. permitting,

6. containment buildings and facility requirements, and

7. planning and notification.

You do not have to address requirements for specific chemicals. The RCRA requirements for an LQG are the main requirement.


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