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ILS2385 Visual Communication, Fall 2018

Project ONE: Book cover

Format: MLA, typed double space, font 12.

Extension: 1 – 1 ½  pages maximum, NO more than that.

Go to any bookstore and check book covers and pick one that catches your eye. Read the back cover of the book in order to know what the book is about, and see if there is a connection between the cover and its content. Your reflection paper should be around this connection. In theory, a book cover should reflect what the content is about. However, as the popular saying says: <<do NOT judge a book by its cover>>. Take a picture of it, then write a 1 – ½ page reflection expressing why it impacted you and/or of its possible meaning(s), if there is any. Also, think if the color has something to do with the topic of the book. In your essay, ad also if the book cover is in color or black and white if you cannot attached a color copy to your essay.


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